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Health coaches come from various backgrounds, and have different ways of helping people move in the direction of becoming more at home in their bodies, minds and their hearts.  This could take many different forms, and involve an exercise regimen, meditation, and diet changes.  The goal is to become more healthy, and in that space, a clear understanding of what health means needs to be the first step.

2016 events

Xiamen China Moksha Yoga November 19-December 11 (19-29 Ben)  Yoga Kinesis 200 hour

Tony Robbins Date with Destiny December 6-13 Boca Raton Florida

Beijing China December 24-30 Anusara Immersion A

2017 events

Kaohsiung Taiwan  January 5-8 Kaohsiung Advanced Teacher Training

Hawaii January 11- February 10

Kaohsiung Taiwan  February 18-19 Kaohsiung part 2 of 12 200 hour YA training

Shanghai February 27 -(March 6-18 Ben) March 23  Anusara 200 hours

Xiamen China March 19-23 Moksha Yoga 5 day student intensive 

Xi'an China  March 25-31 Anusara Teacher Training

Chengdu  China April 2-3 Workshop

Xiamen China April 5-7 Moksha Yoga 3 day student intensive 

Hefei China April 8-10 Workshop

Xiamen China Yonion Yoga Conference April 14-16 (Desiree)

Kaohsiung Taiwan April 22-23 Kaohsiung 200 hour YA training

Desiree GZ April 21-23

Desiree HK 24-27

Guangzhou China April 28- May 4 Anusara 300 hours training Sequencing and Anusara methodology and  co-mentoring  

Kaohsiung Taiwan  May 6-7 May 13-14 Kaohsiung part 6 of 12 200 hour YA training

Xi'an China  May 16-22 Anusara Teacher Training

Italy May 30-June 4 Anusara 

Europe May 23-June 16

Guangzhou China XingYa Yoga Studio June 26- July 2 50 hours Anusara Immersion A

Guangzhou China Xing Ya Yoga Studio July 6- July 12 50 hours Anusara Teacher Training A

Putian July 15-16 2 days workshop

Kaohsiung Taiwan July 22-23 Kaohsiung final part 200 hour YA training

Xiamen China  Moksha Yoga July 25-30 50 hours Anusara Immersion A

Xiamen China  July 31-August 2  Moksha Yoga 3 days 1 class daily

Xiamen China  Moksha Yoga August 3-9 50 hours Anusara Teacher Training A

Chengdu  China Ausust 14-19 200 hour TT

Shijiazhuang August 23-27 Anusara teachers Intensive

Beijing China  Jiashe Yoga August 28- September 3 Anusara 200 hours part 1 

Inner Mongolia  September 5-7  Workshop

Tianjin China September 9-10 Workshop

Dalian China Septemberl 12-13 Workshop

Guangzhou China September 17-21 Anusara 300 hours training

Hefei China September 22-24  Yoga Conference elective

Xiamen China  September 24-28 Moksha Yoga 5 day student intensive

Xiamen China Moksha Yoga September 29 - October 5 Anusara Immersion B

Xiamen China Moksha Yoga October 9-15 50 hours Anusara Teacher Training B

Changsha Hunan Province  O-Yoga October 19-23 Teachers Intensive

Xiamen China Moksha Yoga October 25-29 Moksha Yoga 5 day student intensive

Xiamen China Moksha Yoga November 1-10 Final Module 300 hour Advanced Training

Xiamen China  November 25-29 Moksha Yoga 5 day student intensive

Chiang Mai December 20-30 Retreat

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