Benjamin Finnerty

Health coaches come from various backgrounds, and have different ways of helping people move in the direction of becoming more at home in their bodies, minds and their hearts.  This could take many different forms, and involve an exercise regimen, meditation, and diet changes.  The goal is to become more healthy, and in that space, a clear understanding of what health means needs to be the first step.

The goal here is to realize that you are swimming in the universe of what is possible, and if you are feeling that something is missing, that is where I come in.  We can work deeply and intimately, seeking the answers to the question, 'what is missing?'.

Every one of us has dreams and desires, and some of us know the path to take to get where we are going, and some of us need some help finding the light to illuminate where it is that we are going.

I can help with that.

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